How You Can Help: Adoption, Foster Care & Donations

Other Mothers was formed around the concept of a
virtual shelter, that is, it was built upon a foundation of
friends and families rather than of concrete and brick.  
This unique collaborative model allows for careful,
individualized home-raising of our kittens and puppies
during the most fragile stages of their lives.

We obtain our mothers and babies from conventional
shelters that are unable to provide them with a cage-
free start in life.  They are then fostered in private
homes with people who care about them and can
provide them with lots of love and individualized
attention.  When ready for adoption, we carefully
match up each kitten or puppy with just the right
owner.  Then we stand ready to offer support and
resources throughout the life of the pet to ensure
long term success of the adoption process.

For the virtual shelter model to remain workable,
there are three essential components – each
requiring the generous support of everyone in the
animal-loving community.

Adoption  (Click to go to Adoption Application)

Much like the adoption programs at other shelters, we
seek to place our animals in caring, permanent homes.  Then we go
a step further, remaining available to assist the pet owner in any
way possible throughout the life of the animal.  Pet ownership is a
huge responsibility and we want you to know you are not alone
when challenges arise.  Are you looking to add a special kitten or
puppy to your household?

Foster Care  (Click to go to Foster Care Sign-Up)

We maintain a network of highly skilled and motivated
foster parents to help raise our babies with individualized care and
personal attention.  These special people are dedicated to providing
the ultimate in loving socialization while maintaining full access to
professional services when needed.  Do you have what it takes to
provide short term animal care in your home?

Many animal-lovers find themselves in a position where they already
have too many pets to be able to add more, or they are living in a
small apartment, or may have limited time due to the demands of
work or school.  The good news is that you can still help by
providing funding, supplies, and services that are key to our mission
of saving animals.  Is this your opportunity?

To learn more about these options, click on the above options.  
Thank you for helping us help the animals.

nd if you'd like to make a tax-deductable donation to
Other Mothers, please click the PayPal button here:
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How You Can Help
Helping dog and cat mothers in
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