Other Mothers Success Stories

Rudy survived a legacy of
neglect at the hands of a
puppy mill operator.  

Over fifty dogs of various
breeds were rescued from
hideous conditions at this rural
Oregon facility after concerned
neighbors called in to report
the situation.  There were dead
and dying animals on the
property along with caged
mothers and puppies living in
filth without proper food or

Many eventually had to be euthanized due to their extreme health issues.

One of the rescued dogs was an emaciated and very pregnant little
Chihuahua who soon gave birth to a litter of three undernourished puppies.  
One of those pups was Rudolf, named after the most famous reindeer of them
all for his little red nose!  As a puppy, he was so frail that as soon as he had
the opportunity to run in freedom, he promptly suffered a complicated break
to one of his long slender legs.  He underwent emergency orthopedic surgery
to repair the break and insert a tiny metal band into his leg.  He was then
placed on a special diet and healthcare regimen designed to build up his
fragile little body.

Today, almost a year later, Rudy is a happy and sassy little bundle of energy
who rules my household.  Like so many animals that experience a bad start in
life, he bounced back in a big way.  There are so many animals like Rudy out
there waiting for their chance to shine.  It’s up to us to see their potential and
give them that chance!

-Linda, Portland, OR

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Other Mothers
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